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We produce any kind of jewelry and gemstone. we have special trade from all over the world. also we are doing Cosighment. handmade jewelry. also learn how to make handmade jewelry well. Repair. Purchase gems. Award. We love create New business try ask us !

Our Factory from thailand !

Makes a Jewelry Findings 

& Gemstone.

We also have lessons related to jewelrys and Handmade jewelrys in Tokyo and Osaka shops, and we have built a system that allows you to sell your work even after making it. We also have displays products, Craft Tools, Etc, such as OEM production of Gemstone, Jewelry and precious metals. We are looking for Finding parts from around the world with over 30000 items and abundant and we will continue to introduce minerals and parts. it those design born from your idea.

Thank you for read it

Jewelry and Gems & Minerals,

Let's try to do this business 

we are looking for work with a variety of people. I think that it will become inadequate from now on such as fixed employment relations and how to work. I would like to propose a way of working that leads to the next generation and the future, and we would like to connect with individuals who can associate with each other for a long time as well as matching each other. If you are interested in the items below, feel free to contact us, 

Now. You can create idea. it to being any shapes of design. let's you try this business with us collaboration.

When fusion of reality and the ineter net advances, there is a limit by alone, and we can not deal with it.sure to do business with trustworthy colleagues and make sure your future . 

Let's decide while consulting various business

Contact us Now

Now You start this business with us 

We sell your art on 10-15 famous shopping site in japan. also we management it in japan stores

We make use of our sales service to artists who are making works, they will be  sold on the selling site of Ec site · handmade · flea site as well as worldwide. We are currently operating 10-15 sells sites !


URL  Sell your art

We are looking for a business Owner. Business counselor. designers specalist. etc..

Collaboration work. 

Person who already has a related business in the Internet. Make products such as minerals and jewelry to your service You can sell together, images, specs etc are  prepared. Your profit will be more than good now. We only pay for items sold to you.

URL  Business Partner

Hand made jewelry Award & Consignment sale everyday !

Handmade jewelry awards are held once a year.We will decide awards with sales and achievements for one year for the work you made. People ranked 1st and 3rd rank win prizes.
Currently about 80 people are participating, and we are constantly selling to all over the world.
Registration fee is necessary, but we will also manage all after sales from creation of burner.Your work is also sold within 2 shops and will stay in the eyes of many clients.

URL Application

URL Artist Gallery

Your can sell your knowledge and skills. Who want to know about it . its Open soon .

We will sell skills and knowlaage consultation. Those who purchase it will purchase it for learning professional things. After that, profit is improved by contact by SMS. 

You can sell skill and knowlage. Let's sell your experience to become a specialized site only for related business !

URL Freedom

URL  Mineral Counseling

Contact us Now

where you will find the business. 

Would you like to attend lessons in the Tokyo or Osaka shop ?

Do you want being Teacher ?

We are looking for people who are involved in craft, handmade jewelry, classrooms and those who teach things and knowledge, Osaka or Tokyo. We will organize a schedule, create a structure and manage it. It is possible to run lessons at reasonable opening time. Person who has experience condition for more than

2 years . Teaching skills of making things! 


If your doing handmade jewelry Event or Exhibition, You can rent gem stone and merchandise from us.  Free Renting  ! 

We rent commodity materials to those who are handmade show, mineral show, solo exhibition etc. 

You will lend you event period goods to you that is doing your best, leading to improved sales. Weare looking for people who can come in the vicinity of Tokyo or Osaka shop. you not need buy our products

Person who executes business plan decided by yourself. Only those who frequently work such as events and solo exhibitions. send me email !

You can rent mineral and gems from us. at the Your spiritual, healing event or exhibition.

We are renting products to active people such as spiritual events, healing fairs and solo exhibitions.

We will lend you products during the event period, which will lead to better sales. We are looking for someone who can come near the shops in Tokyo, Osaka in japan.

You do not have to buy it.After selling it, it is only liquidating after the event. Conditions Person who executes the business plan decided by your self. Only those who work frequently, such as events and solo exhibitions.send me email with details. 

If you want to sell Gems Or Minerals in japan market. We can support selling your stones.  

We will sell items you have on behalf of us. It takes time for you to operate the internet yourself and sell it. We can reliably contribute your sales.



People selling minerals, natural stones, jewelry at events.
Person who purchases prizes by himself.

Person working in this industry. Contact us if you would like to develop a market in Japan.

send me email !

We purchase your own jewelry and gemstone. minerals etc..

We can buy it in the internet &

2 stores. Jewelrys gem beads. etc.. You can sell it us,

We can buy it in the internet & stores. Jewelrys gem beads. etc.. You can sell it us, When you bought natural stones and jewels. likes a You do not need it anymore. My parents had it,
To move. graduated it, etc.



Your ID,

Bank account in japan

Hybrid work is working in tokyo or osaka store. also you can get other work from us.

Hybrid work works at the Tesoro store. You can also act as a business partner of Tesoro. You get a job with my own power and receive reward from Tesoro. Although the minimum amount of work in the store is guaranteed, the hybrid work gives you the profits gained elsewhere.

That is the way of your future work where your strength is tried.





Why You not Start 

this kind of business?

You think too much of risk.

What are doing after 2years ?

You do not know what to do now. Is that what you really want to do? Nobody knows the answer. Everyone has anxiety. Even with a goal, if you do nothing to fear risks, the situation gets worse.

I can not do anything alone. Something is born from cooperating.

Your courage begins now. Let's get start now !

If your not good at the internet business. Everything will change depend on your motivation. 

Let's make various future proposals by turning various suggestions into gems business.

You can not use the Internet. However, I know that the Internet market is expanding. But I can not do it. Old ideas can not deal with new ideas. It is the same in any age. It is recommended for those who like it. We will slowly understand the service and exchange information slowly. You can easily meet people who really want your products using the Internet. .Let's increase the current sales channel and sell it!

We are waiting for your contact to us .


Mail  (Japanese&English)

Japan Osaka  (Japanese&English) 

Thailand Bangkok (English) 

Hongkong (English) 

Please clarify the contents of what you are interested

in and contact us .

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